About me


My name is Brad Moore, and basically I’m just a simple guy that loves computer networks! That’s about all you really need to know about me.  But if you are the curious type…

Age:  Older than you, I’m sure
Job:  Sr. Network Engineer for a large construction company in Northern California
Primary skill sets:  LANs, WANs, Security, Troubleshooting, and a sprinkle of VoIP
Hardware:  Cisco mainly.  Some HP, Riverbed, Adtran, and back in the days Bay Networks
Technologies:  Hmmmm…lots of stuff.  Not sure how to answer that in just a few words.
What makes me happy:  My wonderful wife and kids!!  (A trouble-free network helps too!)
What makes me happy (part 2):  Linux and UNIX.  If only the world ran on Linux…
What gives me peace:  My Christian walk with the Creator of the Universe

Disclaimer:  This private website is solely the product of this author.  My views and opinions expressed here are mine alone, and not indicative of my employer or anyone else.  Also, the technical information contained on this website is accurate to the best of my knowledge. However, there could be some errors or mistakes…I mean, good grief, we all make mistakes. So please double check and test any of the technical information and make sure you understand the impact of applying this information to a production environment.