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The SR-72 — This is SO Cool…

My favorite plane is the Lockheed SR-71…the fastest air-breathing plane ever developed. It could travel above Mach 3+ (2,200+ MPH), and at an altitude of 80,000 feet. During high school and early college, I lived near Plant 42 (in Palmdale, California), where Lockheed had a maintenance facility for the SR-71. Seeing the SR-71 in flight was a common occurrence, and one I will never forget. Sometimes I would sit near the end of the runway, and watch/listen to it thunder overhead while it did touch & goes. Life did not get any better than that. The SR-71 was fully retired in 1998.

SR-71 in flight (USAF - public domain)

SR-71 in flight (USAF – public domain)

Now there is news of a new “spy” plane which is in development by Lockheed Martin and Areojet Rocketdyne…the SR-72. Take a look at an article published by Popular Science┬áin their June 2015 issue…in it they report on the SR-72 and related details, which may or may not be accurate. But who cares at this time…I just can’t wait to see it!!

Royal Canadian Snowbirds TankCam Video – Awesome

One of my many hobbies is flying…in fact, I used to be a flight instructor many years ago. I still love aviation, although I have not flown in about 9 years. Take a look at this video if you have a bit of time…it’s of the Royal Canadian Snowbirds aerial demonstration team (and they are very good). They mounted a camera underneath the lead plane, and the results are incredible…