Cisco and NGE (Next Generation Encryption)

Do you still use DES and 3DES for all your VPN and IPsec needs? I sure hope not. Do you wonder what the current and future trends are for encryption? I sure do…inquiring minds want to know, right??!! Well, good news…you don’t have to do all of that worrying….Cisco has done it for you. (And I bet they pay a lot of engineers some VERY good money to work all this out.)

Take a look at this short webpage at Cisco detailing out the current state of encryption protocols. Review your encryption configs, and if you are using any noted as Legacy or Avoid, make plans now to step up to the more secure protocols. Yes, this will take some time and effort to change, but you need to do this soon. If your company is publicly traded or in the medical arena, hopefully past audits have already flagged these issues.

One other thing to note…if you do find yourself needing to make use of better encryption protocols, make sure your existing hardware has the horsepower needed to run some of these more complex algorithms. You may find that you need to upgrade hardware too.

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