Cool Tool – Table Top Rack

Sometimes a great tool can be both inexpensive and very cool, all at the same time. Take a look at this…

12U Table Top Rack

12U Table Top Rack

This is a great tool for a network engineer….it’s a table top network rack, 12U in height. It’s about 23″ tall, and will hold a number of network devices (depending on size and weight), and will support up to 75 pounds. As you can see, I have several devices sitting in it, handling different jobs, along with a rack-mount power strip at the top.

Now, the rack isn’t perfect…although it is advertised to be the standard 19″ width of a network rack, it’s just a hair under that. (The rack is really designed to hold musicians equipment.) Network equipment does work in the rack, but you might have to squeeze it in a bit, for a certain few types of devices. Plus, I would not want to load it up to the full 75 pound limit. Otherwise, it works great.

For our lab at work, I have a 50/10 Mbps fiber Internet circuit, with a /29 public IP subnet (about 6 usable IP’s) as follows…

  • The Cisco router is handling some testing I’m doing for VTI and DMVPN tunnels
  • The ASA5505 firewall is handling the departments internal LAB network
  • And the Linksys router allows a plain Internet port to sit at each of our PC Techs desks so they can test users laptops for VPN connectivity, and other Internet related issues.

I bought it at CablesAndKits (and here is a link to the rack). I would recommend that you check out CablesAndKits…I have used them for the last couple of years, having purchased some equipment for both my work and church, and my own lab at home. They are great to deal with, and I highly recommend them. (And no, I receive nothing for this.)

Hope you are having a great week!

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