Don’t Forget to Clear the Router Reload

So, I had to make some changes on the router at our DR (Disaster Recovery) site, located in another state. As I posted about before, setting a “reload in” command can save your bacon if you make a configuration mistake and get locked out of the router. So I did. And then I made all the changes, tested everything, and saved the config. Job well done. I logged off and started working on something else, but I had this nagging feeling…did I forget something? No…I don’t think so. Then it hit me…the router was going to RELOAD shortly, if it hasn’t already.

I quickly logged back into the router (it was still up), and I got this upon login…

Just in the nick of time

Just in the nick of time

Whew…I still had 7 minutes before the reload would have kicked in. As you can see, I cleared the reload, and breathed a sigh of relief.

What did I learn from this? Geez…I don’t know…that I’m getting old? Yep…I guess I am.

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