In Finland, Doing the Crime Doesn’t Mean Doing the Time

Here is an incredible story out of Finland concerning the trial, conviction and sentencing of a youth heavily involved in cybercrime, payment fraud, botnets, and even calling in bomb threats. The kid (17 years old) was given a two year suspended sentence. I’m just shaking my head in disbelief…no wonder kids think they can get away with anything…because than can!!

Here is the Krebs story:  Finnish Decision is Win for Internet Trolls.

And yes, I’ll say it one more time…you really should be reading Krebs on Security everyday. If you value network security in any way, then this website will help you better understand network security and the world we live in.

1 thought on “In Finland, Doing the Crime Doesn’t Mean Doing the Time

  1. Shane Killen

    Yeah, that kid is a thug. We used to get our rear ends kicked for rolling someone’s yard. Now you can do just about anything in this world and get away with it.

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