IPv6 Adoption Rate via Google Metrics

Are you curious about the adoption of IPv6? How is the US doing compared to other parts of the world? Well, thanks to Google, you can keep tabs on IPv6. (Google really does know all and see all. Never forget that!) Check out their IPv6 adoption graph…very cool stuff! Also note the other tab showing Per-Country IPv6 adoption.

I’ve been following this graph for a long time…and the rate for IPv6 is increasing. I made a comment with some friends a while back that I would end up retiring before I actually had to configure a public facing IPv6 interface. I have a feeling that I will be proven wrong.

1 thought on “IPv6 Adoption Rate via Google Metrics

  1. Shane Killen

    I have to admit, I was hoping to retire also before having to do IP6. Im sure you are right though.

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