Network Problems and Mondays – What Gives??

I just have to ask this question…what is it about computer networks and Monday mornings? I can’t believe how many times I have arrived to work on a Monday morning, and I already have one (or more) tickets assigned to me concerning network issues at various sites. Everything was working just fine Friday afternoon when I left. What happens over the weekend? Do little network gremlins invade my network over the weekend and create issues just to irritate me on Monday? I guess the answer is yes.

Today’s issue was at one of my companies temporary offices, housing just four workers. They were using a plain Internet circuit terminated on a Linksys firewall, and they couldn’t connect to the Internet or to the companies VPN. Since the office was close by, I ran over there and after a bit of sleuthing, found that the DHCP process had stopped working on the Linksys firewall. (It had stopped handing out IP addresses to the end users.) A reboot of the device solved that problem.