Saturday Snapshot – 95% Accurate Sign

When I was up in Nevada earlier this week, I stayed at a Best Western Hotel…it wasn’t the fanciest hotel around, but it was nice and clean, with a very polite staff. What was interesting was finding my room after I checked in. I was assigned room #220…I walked up the stairs and found this sign…

Sign showing room locations

Sign showing room locations

Easy enough…turn to the right. Well…I thought it was easy…except my room was no where to be found in that direction. I thought I had misread the sign, but no…I didn’t. So if it’s not right, how about I turn to the left…and there was my room several doors down. The sign should have read…

202-222  <<<<<<< (turn to the left)
224-230  >>>>>>> (turn to the right)

I’m still trying to figure out how you can make a sign that is so wrong…seems so easy to me. And wouldn’t you think that someone would double check that?

So the “slightly kinked” version of myself is thinking this:  After I checked in and was heading up to room #220, the desk employee called all the staff and said “Quick…come down to the front desk…I just assigned room #220 to some middle-aged geezer…this should be great!!” They all gathered around the security monitor and watched me wander down the wrong direction before finding the correct room. And they must have busted a gut laughing! You see…I’m guessing this is what you do for fun when you live in the middle of nowhere. And to be honest, I’m OK with giving them a laugh!