The Force is With J. J. Abrams

I know, my next post was supposed to be a continuation on DIG and troubleshooting DNS, but something MUCH more important has come up. Yes…the newest trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was just released yesterday!! And it seems that J. J. Abrams is doing a great job on developing the story-line, which really left off way back in 1983 with episode VI, Return of the Jedi. This movie should make for a great December when it comes out!!

“The Force is strong in my family…”

2 thoughts on “The Force is With J. J. Abrams

  1. Jared Moore

    I have literally watched it 19 times now. I will probably reach a full 100 by Christmas 🙂 it looks SOO good!!!

    “Chewy, we’re home.” :’)

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