The Sony Hack – With Plenty of Drama

I just finished reading a lengthy and interesting story surrounding the hacking of Sony’s network and related services. Yes, the hackers were nasty, and yes, Sony did not have the needed security measures in place. But what really hit me in reading this story was all the drama surrounding the events leading up to and after the hack. My goodness…I thought I was back in junior high school. It was both funny and sad…all at the same time.

Anyway, I would encourage you to read the whole story. In the midst of all the fluff and drama, you will find tidbits of good security information…things you should check and verify at your work. Remember…we might not be Sony (and all that that entails), but at the same time we don’t want to make the evening news…even if it’s just the local stations.

The story is in 3 long parts…it will take time to read, so I would suggest grabbing a good beverage of choice (for me, Dr. Pepper!!), and enjoy…

Fortune:  Sony Hack Part 1
Fortune:  Sony Hack Part 2
Fortune:  Sony Hack Part 3