What Overwhelms Your Life?

The last several months have been just way too busy. Work is busy, church is busy, my wife and I are busy…and we are involved in planning my son’s wedding in Missouri. The last couple of weeks have been almost too busy. Sometimes I tend to get overwhelmed by life, and that’s not good. One thing I enjoy doing is listening to Christian music, and there is one song in particular that is speaking to me called “Overwhelmed” by Big Daddy Weave. (Yeah, I agree…that is an interesting name for a singer.)

The song talks about being overwhelmed by God’s presence…his Creation, power, and forgiveness. When you allow God to overwhelm you, then His peace will also overwhelm. And the problems of life will fade to the background.

So give the song a listen…maybe it will help you too…

Overwhelmed:  http://youtu.be/F6oxXwRWFTo

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