Another Busy Week…but Very Successful

Hello again. As a follow-up to last weeks post (read it here), this past week was once again way too busy. I spent the entire week at the new office, working 12 hour days, getting it ready for move in and go-live. The following tasks were accomplished…

  • All network cabling was installed, labeled and tested. This consisted of about 60 workstations, running two data cables to each workstation. The cabling vendor is a company I’ve worked with for many years…they know what they are doing and it shows in the final product. No worries here.
  • A solid wall of backboard was installed in the MPOE, and on that was mounted a swing-out Chatsworth rack. A bit pricey but worth the extra money…the whole rack can pivot to the side, giving access to the rear of the equipment. (Check out Chatsworth’s Swing Gate if you are interested.)
  • Network router (Cisco 2851), Cisco switch stack (3750’s), and several Cisco Access Points were installed, configured and tested.
  • The new PRI circuit was tested and 100 DID’s (Direct Inward Dialing) were ported over from our old PRI circuit.
  • The wireless broadband is working well, but I am still keeping my eye on it. Not sure if the vendor fine tuned it or not, but I am seeing better performance.
  • Security cameras and a key-fob access system was installed.

It was a long, but successful week. I am also glad this type of project does not occur often.

I hope you had a great weekend!!