Book Recommendation – Newton’s Telecom Dictionary

A Great First Book for Your IT Library

A Great First Book for Your IT Library

If you don’t already have Newton’s Telecom Dictionary, then you need to get it. Yes, it’s that good. If you are new to the IT field or a student working towards a career in IT, then this is a must have book. Why?

Put simply, this book is full of the answers you need when you need them. It’s crammed full of definitions for every technical term and abbreviation you will come across, and believe me the IT field is FULL of abbreviations! And more important, the information is presented in a very readable format. Plus, the author has sprinkled throughout the book his unique humor in just the right amount. A couple of examples…

Betazed –  A planet in the second Star Trek TV series, inhabited by Betazoids, beings with great powers of empathy and telepathy.

Bunny Suit –  A layered, hooded outfit that covers every part of your body, except your eyes. Bunny suits are worn by people who work in places where cleanliness is absolute. The human skin sheds about 30,000 particles of skin a second. If one of these particles made it into a semiconductor or a piece of optical fiber it could seriously impair the usability of the device.

This book is a must have book for any IT person. It is full of helpful information and humor. Grab a copy and pick a random page and start reading….you will be hooked!!

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