More Network Security Reading

Here are a couple of additional security resources to check out, and they are both very good. (Check out my first post on security resources if you missed it.)

US-CERT  –  This governmental organization does a good job of monitoring and alerting on critical vulnerabilities and associated fixes/patches. Go to their homepage and sign up for their alerts and tips.

Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report  –  This is an excellent source of information from around the world concerning the hacking community, methods of infiltration and what’s driving the hackers. This report comes out once a year and is well documented and detailed. You really can’t read it all in one sitting, so download a copy onto your tablet, and work your way through it bit by bit during your daily lunch. (Note: After reading this your first impulse will be to run to work and disconnect your company from the Internet. Effective, yes….but not very conducive to long term employment.)