Security in the Internet of Things – Get Educated

Security in all of it’s different flavors…network, server, PCs, mobile…is something that every Network Engineer needs to be aware of, study on, and implement in their networks. In this area, there is no truer statement than “If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem”.  Whether you are a student working towards your IT degree or a seasoned IT veteran, security should be part of your daily experience. How to begin? Find some good blogs and websites that focus on security, and make it a daily read. You will be amazed at how much you will learn once you get this habit started. Here are several of my favorite sites…  –  Excellent articles on hackers and how they think, plus tons of information on how they broke into various organizations. Most of what you hear reported on the news came from this website. This is a must read.  –  The best IT security training around. Expensive, but worth every penny. Click on their “Resources” tab…lots of great information here. Visit their Internet Storm Center everyday. Plus check out their free whitepapers in their GIAC site and make sure to read their 20 Critical Controls. They also have a great semiweekly email newsletter (free!!) which you can sign up for here:  –  Nothing but security here on every kind of platform, OS and application. It will make your head swim.

This is a good start, but there is much more to add….which I will as I have time.

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