RFC 1925 – Still Relevant After 19 Years

If you really need to dig into the protocols, then RFC’s (Request for Comment) are where you need to go. These “papers” are what defines protocols and other technologies, and are used extensively by engineers and computer scientists to properly program these technologies. As an example, if you need details about OSPF, then you could refer to RFC 2328 (for OSPFv2) and RFC 5340 (for OSPFv3). You will end up knowing way more about OSPF than you really want.

Now, as time marches on, technologies tend to get old and are replaced. And new RFC’s are written to define the latest technologies. However, if you have a few minutes, here is an RFC that should remain relevant for many years to come…and it was written in 1996…

The Twelve Networking Truths – RFC 1925

My favorite is 7a!  Enjoy!!

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