Saturday Snapshot – Working Up High

I work for a large construction company in California which also owns a number of aggregate (rock) mines. So sometimes, the phrase “onsite” can have very interesting meanings…

Working up high at an aggregate mine

Working up high at an aggregate mine

This week I had to do some troubleshooting of a microwave link from one of our plants out to a nearby mining pit (about 4 miles away). The view was spectacular! And a bit nervous at the same time…it is a steep and long climb to the top of this tower. When I took this picture, it was late in the afternoon and the plant had stopped production for the day…it was nice and quiet up here. However, I was up here several times the day before during production, and it was incredibly noisy, with lots of vibration, and a muddy mist showering down through the structure. Not a pleasant environment at all. I had my laptop wrapped up in a large plastic bag to keep it clean.

The problem ended up being related to an old switch (installed years ago by an outside vendor). I put a temp switch in place for now, but I’m going to install a proper switch, one designed for this kind of environment…such as the Cisco Industrial Ethernet 2000 series…

Industrial grade switches...much needed in my environment

Industrial grade switches…much needed in my environment

Have a great weekend!!

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