On Second Thought…the iPhone 6 Dilemma

I’ve been playing with my iPhone 6 Plus replica for almost a day now, and I must say it is really big. (Read my iPhone 6 Plus post if you missed it.) I’m now second guessing on whether to get the 6 Plus or go with the smaller 6. Of course, to properly determine which phone would best suite my needs required the construction of an iPhone 6 replica…to scale of course…

Just like before...two layers of cardboard and a color printout from Apple's website

Just like before…two layers of cardboard and a color printout from Apple’s website

The plain 6 definitely sits in your hand more comfortably and feels more secure, and the thumb can easily reach any of the icons. Here is a side by side picture…

Side by side comparison of my cardboard replicas

Side by side comparison of my cardboard replicas

Still not sure yet…this will require a bit more time and testing. But it is fun!

1 thought on “On Second Thought…the iPhone 6 Dilemma

  1. Jared Moore

    I would still HIGHLY recommend that you get an iPhone 6 Plus. Several reasons being that you almost double the battery life of the phone, larger screen for photo editing, document viewing and websites are easier on the eyes. I know the physical size is a concern for your hands but you will get used to it!

    Think about it this way, in the past when computers were coming out, people had to learn how to type. Did it come naturally? Of course not, but once people learned, they realized they could type faster than they could ever write! Invest some time in learning how to use a larger display and you’ll get to the point where you don’t notice it as an annoyance anymore! Just like you did when you realized you didn’t have to look at the keyboard anymore.

    I’ve been using larger screened phones for the last 2.5 years and not once have I ever regretted the decision.

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