Security Worries about Critical Infrastructure are REAL

Unless you are involved in the security field, you probably have not heard much about the heightened security concerns related to critical infrastructure that are so vital here in America. This would include water, electricity, oil, mining, and other fundamental services. Let me tell you, there is a lot of work underway in trying to secure these services from hackers (and others) who would just love to damage any of these systems, especially without even having to enter the country. Not sure how real this is? Take a look at this…

Mysterious ’08 Turkey Pipeline Blast Opened New Cyberwar Era (

This oil pipeline explosion occurred back in 2008, and is just now becoming public knowledge. One reason this is such an issue is that most of the systems that control this infrastructure are still running on old PC’s, which are running Windows XP. And they were not originally designed with security in mind. Not good at all.

Not sure about you, but this gives me the willies.

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