Using Google for Better Website Searching

Here is a tip that really helps when searching the Internet…

When you are visiting a website and use that website’s Search  function, you may not always get the desired results. It happens a lot, let me tell you. A great example is Cisco’s website. They have a search function in the upper right corner of their webpage, but when using it, you tend to get a lot of marketing materials or other documents unrelated to what you are searching for. It drives me crazy sometimes. Here is a better way to handle this…

Let’s say you are wanting to research configuring port channels on a Cisco switch. You could search on Cisco’s website for “switch portchannels” and see what you get. (Go ahead and try it.) Next, go to Google and search for “switch portchannels”. That last search option tells Google to limit the search to just Try it and compare the two searches. Yes, this is a simple example, but let me tell you this technique works great. I use it frequently, and not just for Cisco, but for any search that I need targeted to a particular site.

So remember the “site:” parameter when using Google…it will give you better and quicker results.

If you are interested in other Google tips and tricks, check out their related webpage.

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