iPhone 6 Plus – Just Too Large, Right?

As you know from a couple of previous posts (Part 1 here, and Part 2 here), I’m trying to decide between the two new iPhone 6 smartphones. Both are incredible examples of engineering and design, typical of Apple, and like their previous models, they just work. Everyday. With no hassles or complications. When you depend on your smartphone for work-related communications (voice and messaging), you need a reliable phone. And if it’s engineered the way Apple does, so much the better.

My current iPhone is two years old, and it’s time to upgrade. I’ve been leaning towards the iPhone 6, as I just think the Plus will be a bit too big.

But then…I made a big mistake. I stopped by the Apple store this evening, and played with both a 6 and a 6 Plus. WOW…the Plus is stunning. The screen size seems just right, lots of real-estate to surf the web, read documents (which I have a ton of), and watch videos. Amazing clarity. Light weight, thin, and so well engineered.

I’m hooked. I’m getting a 6 Plus. Here is a picture of the 6 Plus I was playing with at the Apple store…

Getting my Geek on

Getting my Geek on

Yes, the picture does not do it justice…but I’m a geek, and I have to post a picture.

I’ll order the phone through my work next week. No telling how long it will take to arrive. But I am a patient geek.

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    1. sr71rocks Post author

      Ahhh…going with the Borg metaphor…which works, but I’m thinking SkyNet would be a better choice. On that day when SkyNet goes active, they will know where practically all humans are located via our Smartphones…taking us out will be easy. I just hope that John Connor is completely off grid…he is our only hope. (Oops…my metaphor shifted to Star Wars…sorry.)

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